One Year New Home Warranty

As a Home Inspector, some of my longest reports with many deficiencies are on NEW construction.  Broken trusses, warped floors, cracks in the foundation, leaks, insufficient insulation and lots and lots of cosmetic defects are just some of the deficiencies I typically find in new construction.


Many builders offer a One Year New Home Warranty on the materials and workmanship of a new home.   We will come out during the 11th month and perform a full inspection before the builder’s warranty expires so that you don’t have to go out of pocket for repairs of covered items.  The one year warranty expiration marks the final opportunity to identify, document, and inform your builder of items that need repair or adjustment.  All safety hazards, repairs, and adjustments should be professionally documented BEFORE your Builder is relieved of their responsibility under the one year warranty.


When I was a general contractor, more often than not, the town’s building inspector would initially look at the building plans, approve them and only come out to the job site 2 to 3 times during the entire construction phase.  Rarely do they take the time to go up into an attic space to verify insulation amount, venting or finished electrical work.


Buyers often wrongly assume that their new house has been thoroughly inspected by the town’s building inspector.   Town building inspectors are over-worked, under paid, and often under qualified. It is not uncommon for them to “inspect” 10 to 35 houses a day. Add traveling time, morning and afternoon breaks and that doesn’t allow much time for a through inspection. Thus the phrase “Drive by Inspection”.  Our thorough and inspection lasts 2-4 hours and you will receive a full detailed report with pictures showing any deficiencies found.

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